Learn basic Computer Networking

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ኣብዛ ኮረስ ብዛዕባ ምሕደራ Wifi internet ክንማሃር ኢና። ኣዛ ኮረስ ኩሉ ብዛዕባ network ዝብለ ክትምህርና`ያ።

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This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to computer networking for beginners. It will cover the fundamental concepts and technologies of computer networks, including network topologies, protocols, and network devices. Students will learn the basics of IP addressing and subnetting, as well as how to configure and troubleshoot common network devices such as routers and switches. Additionally, students will learn about network security, including firewalls and wireless security. The course will provide hands-on experience and will include practical exercises and assignments to reinforce the concepts learned.


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